2ed 2003 Version Australian Ian Kneipp Classical Guitar

2ed 2003 Version Australian Ian Kneipp Classical Guitar(comme

Now! it's lucky for aiersi to get a 2ed 2003 version 2ed 2003 Version singature Ian Kneipp Handcrafted Classical Guitar. owned by other master guitar player in USA. now, the owner plan to sell this model in the market.  this is real model handmade by Mr. Ian Kneipp.he is the only one luthier approved by Mr,Greg smallman in the world. about his guitar, it's popular for master grade markets indeed. it's bad that Mr.Ian Kneipp could not make guitar again, because his is blindness now. so his handmade guitar is more valuable in the market today .


This is a 2003 classical guitar built by the retired Australian luthier Ian Kneipp.  The top is Cedar with a carbon fiber reinforced lattice bracing system , and the back is made from Brazilian Rosewood along with the sides.  The instrument is in great condition with a small performance wear near the bridge.  Ian Kneipp studied under Eugene Philip, the apprentice of Greg Smallman.  As the exquisite Greg Smallman guitar, you can expect the same beauty from this instrument.  This piece would compliment both collectors and performers alike.





Top:  Cedar with carbon fiber reinforced lattice bracing system




Back and Sides:  Brazilian Rosewood


Scale:  650mm  


Case:  Ian Kneipp handcrafted case, plus a protective zipper cloth case

here is guitar vedios by player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEVvyZ3R9Vs
Mr.Greg smallman wrote a letter for Mr.John Williams . here is his comments in letter

I thought you might be interested in this letter Greg Smallman wrote in 1995
about Ian Kneipp's guitars.

The letter from Greg Smallman reads: "Ian Kneipp builds classical guitars
using a lattice braced soundboard. His strutting position, dimensions and
soundboard thickness are the same as mine. I see all his guitars and
recommend small changes before finishing to the bridge and struts.

Only two guitar makers are under my supervision using exactly my system of
strutting. Ian Kneipp is one of them.

Ian Kneipp's guitars are relatively dark sounding, as are my own. This
gives the guitarist the opportunity to make music rather than noise as
produced by bright percussive guitars.

John Williams prefers the full sound of a dark guitar and has commented
favorably on the sound and good value of Ian's guitars.

another comments from player

I own an Ian Kneipp guitar and I am very very pleased with it. It's an
incredibly loud guitar, a real canon in concert, but its tone is also gorgeous,
very mellow and somewhat dark, but the incredible overtones keep it brilliant
sounding. He uses the Greg Smallman design and I read that Greg Smallman has
approved/endorsed only Ian and one other maker (who i can't remember) as
luthiers who follow his design. Check him out for sure. I love my Kneipp. 🙂

here are more photos for this model with plywood case


if you liked, please kind to ask price by call or mail !!!