Acctractive All Zebrawood Body Guitar & Bass .

Acctractive All Zebrawood Guitar & Bass .
Welcomed by all,gloss finish & satin finish all zebrawood guitar & bass come out and passed QA deparment end of this year ,We choose dried more than 10 years & strong 5A zebrawood to be guitar & bass bodies ,The net weight of one guitar is about 3.98kgs ,which is suitable for not only students but also for professional players ,as well as for band musicians .About finish ,you can choose gloss to make it much more shiny ,which is much more suitable for band musicians .Satin finish just like a gentleman ,Subtle and reserved, Handsome and acctractive . Besides unique body coat ,its sound and tone are also the most important point must to be mentioned .Strong & powerful ,warm but bright .

aiersi brand zebrawood body guitars

Available electric types :
ST style
TL style
SG style
LP style
zebrawood bass style , 4 string /5 string available .
Zebrawood Guitar & Bass Family Pic : 
zebrawood LP ,Gloss finish .



Zebrawood SG ,satin finish .



Zebrawood ST . Satin finish .


Zebrawood TL with white ABS binding . Matt Finish : 



Zebrawood TL NO BINDING  . Matt Finish : (String through body ) 


Zebrawood 4 String Bass Guitar , Satin finish .(Neck  throught Body)