Aiersi brand Electric Guitar Videos from Customers

As a leading guitar maker and supplier from China. Aiersi brand models got high reputation the market today! we can provide full line guitar,bass,ukulele,banjo and mandolin in the market. About Aiersi brand electric guitar and bass. we have more dealers to sell our aiersi brand over 20 countries today. here are videos from our dealers or customers. we just try to collect different style models here !

Aiersi Strat Style Guitars
Model: ST-11SB

Model: ST-12WH

Model: ST-12BK

Model: ST-12RB

Model: ST-11A ,Solid Mahogany Body

Aiersi Tele Style Guitar

Model: TL-10BOA

Model: TL-10BBS

Model: TL-10BPB

Model: TL-10B

Aiersi SG style Guitar

Model: SG300BM

Aiers PRS Style Guitar

Model: PRS19