Aiersi TrustPass Profile from Alibaba/Third-Party Audited

Aiersi TrustPass Profile from Alibaba/Third-Party Audited

Hello Vistors.

   Thanks for you to visit aiersi business web. this is only web for taixing aiersi musical instrument co.Ltd! After over 6 years hard work,Aiersi can provide different  style string instruments,guitar,ukulele and accessory in the market. Also, we can get many new inquiries from different markets every day.  in order to let all friends know much about Aiersi music's reputation,we would like to show details as down :

Aiersi is audited Golden memeber for China big B2B  company alibaba and made-in-china.

Aiersi passed Trust Audit from Alibaba Group

A&V Checked Suppliers are suppliers who have passed authentication and verification inspection by as well as a third-party verification service provider. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for those who have been A&V Checked. Suppliers must be A&V Checked before becoming a Gold Supplier !

so you don't worry about fraud business with Aiersi Company!

Here is Aiersi Alibaba Web
aiersi music understand there has competition at any time/place, the competitor in China maybe give us bad words and induce customers not make business with aiersi . Because of our professional service,well-known knowledge about products and rapidly action. aiersi got high reputation in the market. There have many customers select aiersi as reliable/stable partner in China. but we understand you could not make 100%  satisfaction for all customers,especially we have over 300 long term partners in the world.
only one mistake can destroy business
Since Aiersi start music business, we made mistooks too. we know there has a bad comments at guitar forum and said fraud. but the actual truth was that aiersi rebated all amount for buyer, but buyer could not get full amount because of his local bank deducted. so the buyer is angry with us and post this message. in fact, we charged over USD30 commission for international payment. since we have paypal and try to send his balance,  he lost  !  so the only accident  let aiersi understand product quality and after sale service is most important for business as well , Aiersi try to make better service and let every customer make a happy business . so there has no any bad comments until today
(over 4 years) , most of customers become friends with aiersi, Aiersi share customer information and business with different markets. some of aiersi different customers become friends too.  there has aiersi guitar/ukulele vedios from youtube
In China, there have over  hunderd of suppliers. it's easy to find products. but it's difficult to find a reliable partner. We welcome you to try aiersi product and test first. Then you will know who is real aiersi ! Aiersi would like to be your partner indeed!