I see you only have a dealer in southern African. But I believe your product too can have good and boom sales here in Western part of Africa.most especially here in Nigeria. I’m from Nigeria in the southern part of the country call Ekiti. All of your product can have a good market in my COUNTRY. We have a lot of Bass players here trying to find a good product like yours I believe having your product readily available will increase the purchase of your product. I too have a proposal that have drafted since last year towards having on strings house here in my country with all part accessories. Although I’m still limited to capital to run such but I see if good and better partnership can succeed my message I believe things will work better and even Best for your company and I too.

Stage name: Best Bass
Country: Nigeria
State: Ekiti
Tel: +2348164245864
Studying: communication Tec.
Profession: Bass Player
Style: Groovy, Jazz
Facebook: Oluwafemi Oluwatobi best
YouTube: Best TV or Oluwafemi Oluwatobi best
I will be Happy to hear from you soon