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A troubadour with goldfingers

In the early 1970s, Banovich moved back to Scotland where he played the bustling, influential folk-circuit, a club-scene that gave rise to many greats. Back then, he was known in Glasgow as the “Almost Blind Boy Banovich” because of his downhome picking style.

And if that was not enough of a travelling musical pedigree, the bard again upped sticks in 2002 with a move to Brittany, in France, where he currently works and is firmly based.

Banovich has now been playing his «acoustic roots & blues» mix for more than 40 years at concerts, festivals, clubs and venues in Scotland, England and France, but also in Scandinavia, in the US and in West Africa. His music is built around the traditional acoustic blues, drawn from the deepest roots of the delta, but also swing, ragtime, americana and folk blues.