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China Aiersi brand Resonator Guitars including Single Cone, Tricone ,Parlour ,Various Finish and design . with guitar case and strap .The resonator guitar showed up during the 1920’s as a way to amplify the sound of the acoustic guitar which was being overwhelmed by the other entrustments in the musical groups. It became very popular in Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music during the forty’s and fifty’s but once the ability to electrically amplify guitars became available the resonator became less popular. Throughout the years there were many different designs and shapes of the resonator itself. Some were installed on wood guitars and others were all metal, each producing its own unique sound. Aiersi Resonator Guitar with a Low price range. Engraved with tropical designs, it has an all metal chrome body with a mahogany neck. Typical of most Guitars, intonation is an issue,It’s definitely playable and has a bright sound. Overall, this is a fun instrument.

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