Aiersi brand Classic and Acoustic Guitar Videos from Customers!

As a Leading Guitar maker and supplier from China. Aiersi brand guitars got high reputation in the market.You will find some world level master players who have high reputation in guitar area. they choose our aiersi models for performance . about classic and acoustic guitar models,i will try to post all videos for different models here.

Aiersi classic guitar models
including master level smallman guitar, all solid classic guitar, vintage spanish guitars. especially including special design raised fretboard, sound hole in side models .

Aiersi Smallman guitar SC098S Spruce Top

Aiersi smallman guitar SC098S Cedar Top

Aiersi Smallman Guitar SC098SPF

Aiersi All Solid Classic Guitar SC093F

Aiersi all solid Classic guitar SC093A

Aiersi Vintage flamenco guitar SC095F

Aiersi Vintage Flamenco Guitar SC097F

Aiersi vintage spanish guitar SC017TB(C Model)

Aiersi Acoustic guitar
Aiersi Colour Acoustic Guitar SG028CE

Aiersi 12-string acoustic guitar SG120TC

Aiersi Round Back Acoustic Guitar SG103C

Aiersi Round Back Acoustic Guitar SG103B

Aiersi All Solid OM Model SG100S

Aiersi Parlour Guitar PG01T

Aiersi Artist(yulong guo) Double top Model Artist A

Aiersi Gypsy Guitar GP03TC

Aiersi Weissenborn Hawaiian Guitar HG001

Aiersi Teardrop Hawaiian Guitar HG002

Aiersi deeper hawaiian guitar HG004