• Kent Leong June 13, 2020

    Bought one in Malaysia. I gotta say I felt very lucky to chose this Aiersi model over squier affinity that have similar quality but slighly expensive. I saved almost half by buying Aiersi. Thank you for this great guitar. In my humble opinion, I think it is suitable for beginners to learn about guitars and for musicians that using it alot in shows, I think it is fine as long as you take care of it physically. Sound wise it’s OK and nothing wrong at all. Just practice and play well, ppl care about your playing more than anything. If you have more money and wanna buy higher price guitars, go ahead and make yourself happy. If you don’t, just buy aiersi. They function just as fine as other bigger brands in cheaper range like this.

  • Rudy Abbott August 23, 2021

    Hello, I received my order today. The price, the finish of the work and the delivery are great. The quality of the wood is much lower and light to wait. Thank you!

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