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China Aiersi Brand Java Ebony Body Electric Bass Ukulele Fretless U-Bass Model BU-33
Nut Width: 45MM
Saddle Width: 85MM
Upper Bout Width: 185MM
Lower Bout Width: 265MM
String Scale: 510MM
Body Length : 350MM
Frets: 16
Top,Back&Side: All Laminated Java Ebony Materials, with LCD Pickup
Neck: Solid Mahogany
String: Aquila String
Machine Head: Black Metal
Nut&Saddle: Ox Bone
Fingerboard&Bridge: Composited Wood
White Pearl Idots/ Fretless
Binding: Solid Maple binding with Abalone inlaid
Rosette: Abalone
Finish: Natural Finish Matt Open Wood Pore


1 Good


  • Jaime Aragón July 7, 2018

    The product fully conforms to the description. Ukulele came in a month. The quality is excellent.

  • Prakash August 28, 2018

    It came fast. Happy with the goods.
    [email protected]

    +91 9844077004

  • Berni October 3, 2018

    Amazing sound and quality for the price.this instrument is a ton of fun to play and sounds great plugged in.

  • Rolf Baynosa March 11, 2019

    The quality is amazing, very neat craftsmanship. For the price, it is almost too good to be true but it is!

    Unplugged, you can hear the sound very well especially when you practice alone. The neck is superbly made, for its size you will have to adjust your fingering it may take a little time but when you get comfortable you will enjoy it, for me it is the best acoustic bass I ever decided to buy.

    Plugged, I was surprised by the depth of its bass. VERY DEEP almost like a contra bass, very easy to play because of its size and no need to hit the strings hard because of sensitive piezo pick up. The sound is very accurate, clear and responsive because of its low-mid-hi adjustments.

    This is for me the best you will get if you are on a tight budget, I don’t know how but but this is one of those that you will get for a very low price but the value is amazingly great and I think if you take good care of this instrument it will last a long long time, meaning you will have great memories with your fellow musicians with this instrument!

    BIG RESPECT to the Aiersi team for proving that every artist around the world deserves to have a great quality instrument.

    Thank you Linda, for being so accomodating and patient. You are in a good company, very trust worthy. I’m sure this will not be my last purchase from you, there will be more in the future. I wish you all the best!

  • Gil Santos September 13, 2019

    Just love it!
    I’ve been playing Aiersi UBass sinhe at least two years ago.
    Excellent and deep sound, very good and sensitive pick-up.
    All musics that i play with stay surprised by the sound of this little “Beast”.
    Thank You, Aiersi 🙂

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