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Aiersi International Guitar Competition
Domodossola (VB) – Italy

The Jury composed by the Masters Giovanni Podera (president), Paolo Devecchi, Luca Lucini and
Salvatore Seminara examined the videos of the 30 participants from Canada, Costa Rica, Greece,
Illinois, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovenia, Spain, Tennessee, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.
This is the nal verdict:

1st prize
– First prize diploma
– Aiersi Padauk guitar
– One concert at the 27th edition 2023 of the Ossola Guitar Festival with a remuneration of € 1.200
– Professional video recording of the concert and live broadcast on social channels
– Professional photoshoot of the concert

2nd prize
– Second prize diploma
– Aiersi guitar Mod. Smallman SC098SG
3rd prize
– Third prize diploma
– Aiersi guitar Mod. SC02CRB

4th classied: Chinnawat Themkumkwun
5th classied: Davide Prina
6th classied: Francesco Spina
7th classied: Alvaro Miranda
8th classied: Janak Tizoc Romero Chaver


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