Aluminum Resonator Ukulele Cone

Resonator Ukulele Cone
Wholesale for Aiersi aluminum Resonator Ukulele Cone . the size is for all different brands resonator ukuleles in the market. because we custom most brands .and provide cones for many makers who making resonator guitars and ukuleles.

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Resonator Ukulele Coverplate

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For Aiersi brand Guitars, we sell for customers Via global dealers . Currently, Pls find from dealers list. if not dealer at local ,you can Buy from us on store . Free Case and Free Shipping .

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One thought on “Aluminum Resonator Ukulele Cone

  1. Hello, I am interested in buying 10 resonator ukulele coverplates and cones. They must be ukulele-sized (around 6 -6.5 inches diameter). I am located in Canada. Please answer the following questions:

    1. What would be the shipping cost to Canada?
    2. How do you accept payment?
    3. What would be the total cost for 10 ukulele coverplates and ukulele-sized cones?
    4. Do you also make metal tailpieces suitable for 4 string resonator Ukuleles?

    I’m looking for the ‘chicken hole’ design CP-02C


    Tobiah Goldstein

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