Are guitars made in China good quality?

China is the largest guitar making country  in the world today . most guitars are good quality , since a big percent parts for custom made guitars for outside brands or wholesaler . because of many factories, so there has a big  difference for quality . from music  toy guitar to professsional handmade guitars. beside factories, there have many guitar workshops ,only make high end grade handmade guitars, with different design . and attend world guitar comeptition .   now, more and more china guitar luthiers win the world-classic guitar making comeptitions.

currently, china top  guitar luthier who has high reputation in the world guitar area is Yulong Guo and Aiersi brand guitar workshop.  focus on traditional skill spanish guitars, lattice sound bracing smallman guitars, double top guitars, also replica hauser guitar,Friederich  .

for good quality guitar , the first is materials. you need prepare enough materials and natural dry enough ,then professional guitar luthier who can make guitar for best sound , high level handcrafted and nice finishing . so the guitar not as musical instrument, but also for artist too.

Aiersi guitars , a big difference for “factory guitar” and “luthier guitar”, all aiersi guitars are real luthier made indeed .

The difference between a “factory guitar” and a “luthier-made” guitar is the amount of time involved in the “fine tuning” aspects of the production process. Even world-famous luthiers use “machinery” in the production process, such as routers, band saws, power sanders, joiners and the like. Most world-famous luthiers do not do all the work themselves, but assign some of the “less important” tasks to apprentices and assistants in their shops.

The process of automating the procedures in a factory setting insures that the quality is consistent from one individual piece to another. The only way to efficiently produce a quality instrument in the $200 to $2,000 price range is to automate as much of the process as possible and locate the production facilities in a country where wages are low. In the lower price ranges, the cost of the materials is also a major factor. Here, the factories have the advantage of buying power, because they purchase their materials in larger quantities than individual luthiers.

Aiersi stock many pieces imported materials ,Natural dry over 5+ years at least , for our high grade all solid material handmade guitars, sometimes, we use nearly 10+ years stocked materials. most of factories they dry materials by heat machine at short time. so this is why easily broken or  changed .

Aiersi Guitar Italia

Aiersi stocked materials for years

Once you start moving into the higher-end guitars, in the $5,000 to $20,000 range and up, the labor costs go way up, while the cost of materials remains the same, for the most part.

Various guitar parts, especially the tops and bracing, are individually and expertly tuned, and great time and effort go into the finishes and the finishing process. This is the point at which the manufacturing process turns into a fine art, and most of the “hands-on” work is personally done by the “master luthiers” themselves. Some luthiers do 100% of the production work personally, while others assign much of the less demanding work to highly-skilled helpers.

When you get into the $500 price range (wholesale price) from aiersi classical guitars, the work is done by highly-skilled Who is very closely supervised by a master luthier. All Aiersi guitar luthiers trained by Mr.Yulong Guo ,China’s premier luthier. as importance technical staff for aiersi guitar team . He also makes Double top guitars and wins high reputation in the world .

Aiersi hand-made all solid classical guitar  is not simply all solid materials guitar , it’s with high-level handcrafted by experience luthiers  and smoothly finishing comfortably playing ,great sound. It’s fully meeting for professional players indeed. so this is why there have many professional players choose aiersi brand handmade classical guitars in the world today .

In order to meet higher request from top players, we also make french polish guitars. currently for aiersi top-line classical guitars we have replica smallman ,replica Hauser, Replica Torres , Vintage Spanish guitars and Flamenco Guitars.

Now. We warmly welcome all guitarist to try aiersi luthier-made classical guitars   or Join us as distributors . you can post request on page directly or email us at any time. 






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