Aiersi At Bulgarian Ukulele Festival 2022

As only chinese ukulele brand ,Aiersi is invited for 2022 Ukulele Festival Bulgaria.

Uke Fest is Bulgaria’s one and only ukulele festival and the biggest one on the Balkan Peninsula. It is based in Sofia. Since its first edition in 2019, the event’s team has been working hard to gather the ukulele community in the country, and also to attract new audiences for the instrument. We seek to inspire people from different ages to start playing and become more aware and enjoy art in all its variety of forms. What we think distinguishes us from many other festivals is that the Uke Fest is still a non-commercial event. The organizational team and the majority of the crew work for free with the idea to spread the spirit of ukulele, a spirit of youth, freedom and joy. A big Bulgarian music store (“Ikonomov” Music Center) provides crucial financial support; it allows for the Uke Fest to take place every year and for all of its events to have free entrance.

The festival consists of a number of activities, organized before and during the day of the event (this year – the 10th of September). They start a few days earlier with street concerts located in different parts of the city centre. The festival, an open air-event, placed in a large park in Sofia, commences with workshops for beginners lead by advanced players aiming to encourage the participants to practice appropriately and with self-esteem. Then, our “Open Mic” offers the stage to inexperienced ukulele artists, some of which perform in front of an audience for the first time. The evening’s climax is the headliners’ concert which presents the best Bulgarian ukulele players.

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