Solid Cedar Top Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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Aiersi GP40TC guitar is a Selmer-Maccaferri style instrument with stylish D holes suitable for gypsy jazz music popularised by the great Django Reinhardt.

The Selmer-Maccaferri is a special steel stringed guitar best known as the favored instrument of Django Reinhardt. Selmer, a French manufacturer, produced the instrument from 1932 to about 1952. In 1932 Selmer partnered with the Italian guitarist and luthier Mario Maccaferri to produce a line of acoustic guitars based on Maccaferri’s unorthodox design. Although Maccaferri’s association with Selmer ended in 1934, the company continued to make several models of this guitar until 1952. The guitar was closely associated with jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.
In its archetypal steel-string Jazz/Orchestre form, the Selmer is distinguished by a fairly large body with squarish bouts, either a “D”-shaped or longitudinal oval sound hole, and a cutaway in the upper right bout. The strings pass over a movable bridge and are gathered at the tail, as on a mandolin. Two “moustache” markers are fixed to the soundboard to help position the movable bridge. The top of the guitar is gently arched or domed—a feature achieved by bending a flat piece of wood rather than by the violin-style carving used in archtop guitars.
Aiersi GP04TC model captures the quintessential punchy and growling manouche tone.
Fragmento del concierto del pasado martes 15/11 – Festival Internacional de Jazz de Albacete.

“Alone together/Minor Swing”
Voz: Linda Nordio
Violín: Jose Manuel Badia
Guitarras: Hernán Navarro & Darío Garrido
Bajo acústico: Agustín Lozano
Aiersi brand Gypsy Guitar


Body Depth: 100MM
Body Length : 470MM
Upper Taille width: 286MM
Bottom Taille width : 403MM
Nut width : 45MM
String Scale: 675MM(From Nut to Bridge )

Top: Solid AAA Grade German Cedar
Back and Side: Laminated Indian Rosewood
2-way Trust Rod in Neck
Rosset and Inlay: Abalone
Nut:Ox Bone
Tailpiece: Golden
Finish : Gloss
Removable Bridge
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Strings: Imported Daddario Strings
Binding: Solid Maple wood
Machine Head: Brand Der Jung” Golden-Plated


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Cedar Top, Spruce Top




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2 thoughts on “Solid Cedar Top Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar

  1. Estoy sorprendido de la calidad de la construcción, y sobre todo de la relación calidad-precio.
    El acabado de los detalles es muy bueno, se trata de una guitarra muy cómoda de tocar y con un mástil muy ergonómico y un sondo claro y poderoso.
    Como punto destacable, mencionaría los 24 trastes que tiene, y lo bien que afina en cada uno de ellos.

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