Festival-Internacional-de-la-Guitarra-de-Granada 2018 yulong guo

Congratulating  for Aiersi guitar Luthier Mr.Yulong Guo Won the second-place at Festival Internacional de la Guitarra de Granada 2018 Spain. the best  honour in Chinese Guitar  History.

As technical staff  at aiersi guitar workshop, Yulong guo Put all time to make high level  Guitars . Now, Aiersi  is best Chinese brand for guitar ,bass and ukulele in the world.  Hot sale by dealers over 30 countries and prvide OEM ODM for over 100+ brands in the market.

We also provide  Yulong guo signature handmade Double Top Guitars from web link http://www.aiersiguitar.com/?cat=1742

Antonio Marin

Famous Russia Player Mr.  Alexei Khorev2018 Winners 


Francisco munoz Alba , Spain

Second -Place

Yulong Guo ,China

Thrid- Place:

Hans Van Velzen , Holland