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Yulong Guo is probably the best known Chinese guitar maker in and outside China. He has been building guitars for almost 40 years and has gained a worldwide reputation.

Aiersi as chinese solo partner to provide all Yulong Guo handmade guitars. we sell yulong guo guitar via dealers or you can buy from us directly.  ask price for

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With this Granada model he won 2nd place at a guitar competition in Spain and impressed many guitarists and visitors as well as the jury.

it’s very pleased with this beautiful, traditionally built instrument. It is a very light and reactive concert guitar with Spanish influence, which is reflected in the traditional bracing as well as in the aesthetics of the rosette, whose appearance reminds of guitars made by José Luis Romanillos.This Granada model has a rich tone and a lots of sonorous sound-colours. As always with Yulong Guo guitars, this instrument is very comfortable to play and produces a powerful and expressive sound. In addition, this guitar has a remarkable purity and separation of voices.This is real vintage spanish skill classical guitar 

Video Demo from  guitar salon USA


1 Good


  • Steven Matson January 12, 2017

    The clearest harmonics I have ever heard. Beautiful music, extraordinarily well played!

  • Steven Matson January 12, 2017

    Wonderful classical guitar. Thank you very much.

  • Alex lambkin March 6, 2021

    Wow, that what astonishing. Beautiful performance! Aiersi do great Job.

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