Seven Seas Orchestra Live – “John B Sail”

“Seven Seas Orchestra” is playing Aiersi Brand Parlour resonator Guitars

Seven Seas Orchestra a group of musicians who bring the music of their ancestors all over the world. They performed in Europe and other cities around the globe.
The band’s members come from all walks of life—they are musicians, dancers, actors, and artists of every kind. They have performed together for years, but now they are coming together to form a modern-day tradition: The Seven Seas Orchestra!

We share videos from Seven seas Orchestra because they are playing aiersi brand parlour resonator guitar and resonator ukulele . this is best way for you to know aiersi made brass body resonator guitar, wooden body resonator guitar and resonator ukulele. especially they have over 4 years .

By the way, it’s enjoying music they are playing indeed.

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