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Aiersi Brand Grande Bouche Gypsy Jazz acoustic Guitar
Grande Bouche Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar
D Sound Hole
Body Depth: 100MM
Body Length : 470MM
Upper Taille width: 286MM
Bottom Taille width : 403MM
Nut width : 45MM
String Scale: 675MM(From Nut to Bridge )

Top: Solid AAA Grade German Cedar/Spruce
Back and Side: Laminated Indian Rosewood
2-way Trust Rod in Neck
Rosset and Inlay: Abalone
Nut:Ox Bone
Tailpiece: Golden
Finish : Gloss
Removable Bridge
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Strings: Imported D’addario Strings
Machine Head:Brand”Der Jung” Golden-Plated
We Aiersi is also registered US Brand 

Choose Aiersi brand guitar, Enjoying Happinesss with your Families!

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  • Will Purcell December 17, 2013

    I am a left hander and play with small jazz groups in Melbourne Australia.

    For years I have been searching for a reasonably priced quality instrument. For years lefties have not been considered in this market. No longer ;this is a quality reproduction made by quality luthiers.

  • Antonio May 3, 2014

    Perfect delivered very very fast! Super nice to have it in time 🙂

  • Jokko Descendre January 19, 2017

    my name is Jokko owner of and ( djangojazz web is out of air soon new site )
    the aiersi guitars are among the best quality available ,, in china many make selmer models but the aiersi are exceptional value for the money ,, archtop and back ,great selmer style sides shape and overall dimensions are 100 % .

    all woods that are used are top notch ,,the bridge is rosewood and is made very good to specs of selmer..
    the tone is projecting and loud ,,the oval hole is very nasal sounding and have a little growl that make it really selmer like,,,

    we have noticed from one of our customers that the D hole is even more loud and almost aggressive sound
    i am luthier artisan my self ,,i have sold many guitars as saga and altamira and i love the aiersi far beyond them.

    the sound is not bass heavy but dry with a little bass,, cutting mids and high tones.

  • Jean Restayn January 25, 2017

    The guitar is very good and had the typical gypsy/manouche sound that I like. She look also very good. I am enjoy. One bad point is the bridge on my guitar: it is good 4 mm to high for the strings level and I must look for a new bridge or I must grind him 4 mm downer on each side. I had provisory utilized one of a other guitar from me: a french Dupont, The Aiersi had a better sound and projection as the French Luthier guitar that cost more than 1800 $. Furthermore the Aiersi Gypsy Selmer typ had at date only bronze strings mounted , I am enjoy of the possibility when I am ready with the bridge with good silvered gypsy strings that given a lot more clear and powerful sound.

    One my guitar following:

    +: plus ( a lot) sound, look, beautiful rosette , head and fingerboard, good wood on neck , fingerboard soundboard and body. The guitar is lighter than a Gitane guitar ( I have a DG255) and had a better sound so crispy than the Gitane. I like more the warm sound of the cedar from the soundboard
    Good is also the light truss rod adjustment accessibility not like by the genuine Selmer guitar typ

    Thank for this very good product

  • Glenn Pall April 23, 2017

    I bought A GPO4TS on 4/7/2017 and guitar is fantastic quality for the investment and sounds as good as it looks. Shipping from China to New York in 10 days.I highly recommend to put on Savarez Argentine strings and have the bridge action fitted to the player.Its funny they say comes with Imported strings from Daddario .Their factory is 10 miles from my job here in Farmingdale ,NY.I think they are very heavy Bronzewound strings the low E string is a .052 i think much too heavy for my soft hands.The action from the factory is rather high also to be bridge sanded to the players liking I guess.The overall appearance is unbelievable and binding,etc.No flaws on the outside whatsoever .Inside there are some small glue leaks but nothing thats a real problem.Overall I will buy from Aiersi again and the brown leafed pattern hardshell case is beautiful in itself very well made.They also threw in a real nice Aiersi logo marked Gigbag, a strap and polish cloth along with Trussrod wrench to finish it off.They pack their instruments extremely well .I dealt with Angella Chu from Sales department thru E-mails and she was fantastic and very helpful and professional. Thankyou Angella Chu from sales and Devon Zhu for posting Youtube videos of gypsy guitars that sold me once I heard them thankyou Aiersi Guitar Comnpany for making quality affordable Gypsy Jazz guitars and other musical instruments.

  • Imo May 3, 2017

    Everything is whole, beautiful. Sounds clear, easy to adjust. Thank you.

    • devon May 3, 2017

      Hi Peter Lazazzara
      Thank you for your kind inquiry for our gypsy guitar .This is Angella from Aiersi music facory .
      This is my mail: [email protected]
      I have sent e-mail to your mailbox ,please check .
      I look forward to your early reply .
      Best regards
      Ms Angella

  • Jokko Manouchepicks May 12, 2017

    i have an model gr 04 ts and i am very happy with it ,, i did some comments to mister devon zhu and he listen very good ,, the guitar was setup with 3 mm action and all frets are leveled as well polished and the fret board was perfect polished as well

    the sound is very loud and open ,, i play galli v27 silk on them and the sound is there ,, the guitar is perfect for the money ,,the service from Miss Angella is grande classe ,,
    we are from and we know guitars and we recommande this model highly ,,
    from holland best regards manouchepicks

    • Jokko Manouchepicks May 17, 2017

      here are some photo,s of the Dhole gp 04 ts

      • Evil May 18, 2017

        The guitar corresponds to the description. Came safe

  • Colum Farrell January 8, 2018

    Super fast shipping and item well enough would say to start with since nose touching

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