Gloss Tricone Resonator Guitar A49BC

China Aiersi Brand Chrome Plated Brass body Tri-Cone Resonphonic Guitar

Model :A49-BC
Body Depth:   80MM
Body Length :  515mm
Upper Bout:   265mm
Lower Bout:    365mm
Resonator Cone: 5.8 Inchx3
Head Joint Angle:  13″
Nut Width :    48MM
String Scale:   650MM
Body: Brass
Neck Joint : Center Pillar and Round sticker Supported

Fingerborad : 19 frets. 12th to Body, Solid Indian Rosewood
Headstock: Slott Classic
Machine head: Open chrome-plated machine head    1:18 radios
Biscut : Solid koa
Saddle: Solid Maple wood
Finish:  Gloss Chrome plated

(Professional Greece Player)

1 Good


  • Eric Browne March 9, 2017

    I’ve had some time to evaluate the guitar now. It’s well built, very nice fit & finish, with good tone. Needed a bit of a setup for string height, but other than that a very nice guitar, ordering and purchase process was first rate, no problems.

  • andy May 19, 2017

    I have one of these I picked up used . i like it very much. I was wondering if anyone could help me in find a hard case to fit mine?
    thank you all for your help

  • Max February 4, 2018

    I bought one tricone reso a49-bc by an italian dealer one year ago and now I can absolutely affirm that it was a great deal: with less than 500€ I’ve got a great guitar, playable, beautyful and with a sound that is pure joy for may ears… Especially when I play Romeo and Juliet in open G.
    I received the guitar in a couple of weeks after the order.

  • Davide March 26, 2022

    Great guitar, I have the amp model. Sounds better than I thought. I thank the reseller for Italy Salvatore Seminara who was very helpful, competent, professional and affable. Thanks to Salvatore I made a dream come true.

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