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Model: Torres 1888
Top: Master Swiss Moon Spruce
Back&Side: All Solid Indian Rosewood
Binding: Rosewood
Brace: Torres Bracing
Machine head: GOTOH 35G1800-BB
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut&Saddle: Buffalo Bone
String: D’Addario J45
Finish: French Polish
All materials Natural Dry over 5+Years

Torres headstock is simple and classic, design is form by three rounded semicircle. The use of rosewood veneer adds an elegant touch to the detail. GOTOH machine head is use for precise tuning.


Torres use fan brace design without the bridge plate braces are balance hand carve and fine tune. The sound is light, and transparent.

Torres body use fans brace design, and give the top a more vibration resonance space.
Selected heavier and denser Mahogany neck use. Traditional Spanish neck joint construction.
The neck is one piece extends into the body and to the base of the neck, then the back and sides are jointed directly to the neck base block. It stabilize the neck, and improve the resonance.


Mosaic design rosette is use, exquisite layered patterns, and colorful. They are design for the elegant classical guitars.

Rosewood binding is use, and protect the body against impact.


Ebony is a hard dense tone wood with silky smooth feeling. It’s a stable wood to be a fingerboard, adds brightness to the tone, and faster attack. Spanish Cedar neck added center ebony wood for strength and stability.

Bridge / Saddle

Traditional rectangular rosewood bridge helps support the string tension. Bone added at edge of bridge to protect string tension against the wood. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.

Body Wood

Torres used Moon spruce as a top, and Indian Rosewood as a back and side wood.
Moon Spruce – Originating from Switzerland, Moon spruce possesses a white snowy appearance and a straight, tight wood grain. It can accommodate different climates exceptionally, which makes it one of the more durable and stable tone woods. It takes time to open up but its sound will have rich overtones in tandem with complex tonal harmonics.
Solid east Indian rosewood back and sides offer lush high and full low tone. All solid guitars will open up nicely, and age well with season tone wood.



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