Wholesale Aiersi Brand Mahogany Body Palour Resonator Guitar Model TRG-03

China Aiersi Wooden Body Blues Slide Parlour Resonator guitar
Model :TRG-03

Body Depth:     70- 80MM
Body Length:   464MM
Upper Bout:      215MM
Lower Bout :     313MM
Resonator Cone: 9.5 Inch
Head Joint Angle:  13″
Nut Width :     45MM
String Scale:   628MM
Body: All Mahogany
Neck Joint : Center Pillar and Round sticker Supported

Fingerborad : 18 frets. 12th to Body, Solid Indian Rosewood
Headstock: Slott Classic
Machine head: Open chrome-plated machine head    1:18 radios
Biscut : Solid Rosewood
Saddle: Solid Maple wood
Finish: Natural Gloss

100% handmade by Professional Luthier

We Aiersi is also registered US Brand 

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